The Quarry uncovers the key ingredients for a happy home

Sep 06, 2017

A good relationship with neighbours (54%), having outdoor space (51%), and quiet streets (49%), are top of the list when it comes to creating a happy home, new research reveals.

In fact, 88% of people would be happier if they were within walking distance to green space from their home, with three quarters (76%) of people wishing they could spend more time amongst nature near where they live.

Luckily for some, almost eight  in 10 (78%) felt they already lived in a place that made them happy, but a staggering 73% felt their home could be improved, with better outdoor spaces (8%), quieter streets (17%) and more community friendly areas nearby (10%).

The new research, commissioned by residential developer L&Q, with over 2,000 UK adults, was carried out as they launch the new eco-development, The Quarry, in conjunction with partners, The Anderson Group.

Whilst there are many things that can have an effect on how you feel, your home is one of the most important, said 96% of people.

Christophe Egret, the Quarry’s lead architect, said: “Too often developments are about the buildings and not the people. The research highlights the impact the wider space and community has on people’s happiness.

“At the Quarry we wanted to do something different, not repeat old mistakes and really think about what would make a great home and a fantastic community. We believe it is of the utmost importance.”

Almost half (49%) of people feel calmer if they can tend to or relax in their own garden and six in 10 (61%) said a view of nature or water from their home, makes them more content in their surroundings, with a further 59% stating that being more connected to nature would improve their wellbeing overall.

It has long been suggested by psychologists that nature and green space in urban areas can improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people living there.

Dr. David Lewis, psychologist, said: “For those people who are living fast paced lifestyles in densely populated and traffic heavy areas, being able to get outdoors and access green space is a great way to have a more tranquil lifestyle and escape the stresses of day-to-day life.

“Feeling connected to nature and even play a part in it, through gardening and visiting wildlife areas, can dramatically improve our sense of well-being and make us better equipped to deal with whatever life may throw at us.”

The study revealed that 28% people feel better when their street has fewer cars visible, with 27% per cent saying they wished their children could play safely with their friends and neighbours in the streets that surround their home, without the fear of traffic.

Furthermore, the relationship we have with our neighbours plays a vital role in our wellbeing, with over half (51%) saying it is important that they feel part of the community where they live.

Nearly 40% of people wanted more communal areas, like parks, walkways or a community hall, to spend time with their neighbours.

The Quarry is a collection of 600 new homes and a state-of-the-art primary school in Erith, Bexley. The new development is set to breathe new life into the disused quarry which has lain neglected for the past 40 years.

With sustainability at its heart, the innovatively designed development will establish high quality, considered living, along with educational and community spaces which will encourage nature and build on the ecology of the site.

All homes at The Quarry will offer generous living and outdoor spaces, and benefit from large floor-to-ceiling windows that maximise views and natural light. The majority of cars will be tucked out of sight in undercroft parking and most residents will be able to enjoy far-reaching views towards the River Thames.

Surrounded by established woodland, The Quarry will also provide a wealth of green spaces, a network of cycle and walkways, and an ecology area the size of three football pitches.

Lucy Chitty, Regional Sales Director at L&Q, said: “The results of our research are interesting and highlight to us the key ingredients to a happy home. We are confident that The Quarry homes will give people what they need to feel happy in their new space.”

Space and entertainment for children was also an important factor for a happy home, with one in 10 people desiring more outdoor activities where they lived.

Four in 10 (44%) felt that that playing outdoors aids their child’s development, in addition over half (56%) of people think that parks help their family create happy memories.

Homebuyers interested in finding out more about The Quarry can register their interest here and follow developments on Facebook and Twitter. For more information on Shared Ownership homes available visit:  

For Shared Ownership properties at The Quarry pricing starts from £162,500 for a 50% share. Three and four bedroom properties are available through private sale, with prices starting from £400,000.


The research was carried out by Opinium Research between 16th and 20th June 2017 on a sample of 2,005 UK adults aged 18 and above on behalf of L&Q

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