Get your garden ready for spring

Mar 28, 2017

Top tips for getting your garden ready for spring:

  1. Spring is the perfect time to refresh the garden so it looks beautiful right through summer. Tend to your garden’s wooden structures, such as fences, sheds and gates, and don’t be afraid to give everything a new lick of paint!
  2. Remove any fallen leaves and dead branches in your flowerbeds and on your lawn. Trim any bushes which have overgrown over winter and mow the lawn and recut its edges. If your lawn is a little bare, you can lay new turf now.
  3. Start weeding your garden. Weeds grow as the temperature rises, and are much easier to remove at this time of year. Pests such as slugs will also appear now, so you should keep a look out and remove them.
  4. Now is a great time to plant spring flowers such as daffodils and prepare your bulbs and seeds which will flower in summer. It’s also good to look at deadheading flowers such as pansies to encourage new growth through the season.
  5. Feed trees and shrubs with slow release fertiliser. It’s best to scatter this around the base of the tree, and then dig it in to the soil.

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